Banners Ads Placement

Please follow the steps accordingly

Step 1: Select the spot and click. Example: Spot-1


Step 2: From the drop down menu, select the
default price (7 days)


Step 3:(Optional): You can select longer duration
such as 1 month or two months


Step 4:Enter Banner Ttile,url,upload banner
image & email address.Agree T&C and click
continue.You will be directed to Paypal.
After successful payment you will redirect
to the confirmation page

Sponsored Text links Ads Placement

Please follow the steps accordingly

Step 1: Select the duration such as 1 month,2 months etc.


Step 2: Click on the Buy Now button.


Step 3: After Payment,you will be redirected to contact form
Insert your ad text and url and press send message button.

Order With Cryptocurrencies: Send the exact amount to
the Bitcoin or Litecoin address.Message your payment
details(screen shot),website link,text or banner image url.

Video Instruction